Value your story

atlanta video

As an video production agency, we face demands from clients who want the most for least. After all, in some circles, video has been de-valued into a commodity. I recently saw an ad in Facebook that offered a video for $300. But video is tied to storytelling and pushing custom buttons for clients. How can it be de-valued into a commodity and be truly effective? It can't. Like other mediums, sure, video has a process can be broken down into...

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Jump in…the water’s never cold

marketing technology - jump in!

In spite of what you hear politically, you can find a myriad of stats showing the improvement of the quality of life across the world. I'm more of a technophile and believe that tech is largely the reason. From what I gather, half the world would disagree with that, and that's ok. I operate from a glass half full and think technology is what you make it. Further, what's really impressive is that technology is generally open to all. That...

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Content is coming at us like never before. There used to be a steady rain of content where, about halfway through a TV show or before a movie, advertisements would run. So there was at least a pattern of content that was manageable. As you're probably aware, we've moved past that. Right now, you can access not only about every movie or TV show ever made, but about every clip of every movie or TV show ever made...on YouTube. New...

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