Marketing and writing

marketing copy writing

There's really no getting around it. The truth is that people rarely buy anything today without having read something about it. And the digital world in which we find ourselves has only enhanced this reality. Whether it's for websites, landing pages, ads, product packaging..people like to learn more about what you offer in their own way and time, and there's no better way than through the written word. This is why finding and hiring people who can write is important....

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Marketing chaos

marketing organization

I went to a conference with fellow marketing professionals recently. You'd think that with like-minded people, the subject of marketing and the how-to's would be pretty similar for all of us. Interestingly, it wasn't. This is because the subject of marketing and its many tactics and processes have become vast...vast enough to get lost, or at least confused on the best path to take. Toward the end of the meeting, we all had a chance to help one man's business...

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