“Shorts” videos

short social media videos

An important development of the intersection of video and social media has been the emergence of micro-content videos. We call them “Shorts”, or “Shorts Series”. These are the short, 15-20 second videos meant to capture the attention of social media users with one or two important pieces of information of the company. With so much content vying for attention on social media, these “Shorts” are a good way to stand out.

Providing short branded content in the form of short videos in a series for companies helps fill their content plan and activity. The idea is to provide a glimpse into the company’s marketing messages. By clicking on the short video, it can take the viewer to a new page or a longer video that shares more information. The short videos get to the point quickly and are compelling to the visitor to look further. Longer videos tend to take longer in getting to the point. If a visitor doesn’t like the short videos, then he/she can opt out of going further. So, like with all corporate marketing processes, these videos act as a funnel in guiding truly interested parties to learn more about their products and services.

To produce a micro-content video requires a little more planning than a typical 90 second video. But the project is great too in integrating into an organizations broader marketing operations. Look into using “Shorts”.