Value your story

atlanta video marketing

As an video production agency, we face demands from clients who want the most for least. After all, in some circles, video has been de-valued into a commodity. I recently saw an ad in Facebook that offered a video for $300. But video is tied to storytelling and pushing custom buttons for clients. How can it be de-valued into a commodity and be truly effective? It can’t.

Like other mediums, sure, video has a process can be broken down into pieces and parts. For every video, there’s an introduction, a main message, the answering of any questions (tying up loose ends), and credits. We agree with that general breakdown. But the feel, your brand’s feel, the energy from your team, and the messages (both verbal and nonverbal), can’t be captured effectively by a templated video. The best way to capture and present your organization’s messaging starts with a planned approach.

It’s the agency’s job to present you and your organization in a fresh, original way. This could mean different camera perspectives, different camera angles, motion graphics, still 3D photography, or the pace and tempo of the project. At the end of the day, we strive to help you tell your story without falling into a cheap templated video approach. The nice thing is that traffic, revenues and engagement are directly correlated to the production investment put into it.