We offer video development and production services-

  • atlanta georgia video productionPlanning – video production can be wasteful without good planning. This begins with understanding the intended audience, their characteristics and motivations, and your desired objectives.
  • Pre-production – whether live action, animation, VR, or other video type, the messaging is paramount. This means a narrative and a script. And for story-based content, this means a storyboard.
  • Production – shooting involves a production crew of some kind. This is where we produce the video draft.
  • Post-production –¬†once the film or video draft is produced, it must be edited and shaped into the vision we planned. This often includes motion graphics, voice-over, and sound effects.
  • Reporting/analytics – finally, after sharing your video, it’s important to know how well it performs. This will allow you to better adjust or produce future videos. Analytics is the measuring tool.
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