marketing consultant process systemWe primarily offer video content and video reporting services-

  • Planning – it always starts with a plan. A plan includes who your target market is and what your objectives are.
  • Pre-production – whether live action, animation, VR, or other video, we help you develop the messaging. This means a script. And for story-based content, it includes a storyboard.
  • Production – this is where we film or develop the video.
  • Post-production – after the film or video is developed, it must be edited and shaped into your vision. And we add motion graphics and sound effects as well.
  • Reporting/analytics – it’s important to know how your videos are performing, so you can adjust or reshape them. That’s where tracking them comes in.
  • Big data management – we are inundated with content today. It’s critical that you organize and make sense of the information to better align organizational resources. We do offer data reporting services outside of video.
  • Search engine optimization (SEO) – we still offer deep-dive SEO reporting and direction for optimal website visibility. This is also outside of video services.

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