Commercials and Video Production

Commercials have certainly changed over the years. Sure, they’re still around and as important than ever. But the biggest change is where you see them. TV is still a top medium, but now you’ll find commercials on your phone, laptop, desktop, augmented and virtual reality equipment, wristwatch, and any other device that has a screen and occupies your attention. They’re all important now as a good media buy is targeted at how the viewers consume information and entertainment.

Commercials can be at various lengths now too. The one minute or 30 second commercials still make a huge impact. But because there’s so much effort on your attention, I see commercials that are 15 seconds and shorter…even 6-7 seconds! The new medium offers the ability for the viewers to click through to find more information or make contact with the advertiser. So it’s become more immersive.

Videos have become more important for other uses of the business. Explainer videos are at the top now, followed by social media and presentation videos. But commercials/video ads will always be with us, taking various forms. I don’t expect the evolution and shifts to continue.

If you’re looking to produce a commercial for your business or organization, contact us. We are an Atlanta video production agency, although we often work outside of the area virtually. We look forward to talking to you about your next commercial project!