Creating a Great Case Study Video

video case study

The best-case studies, from a video marketing standpoint, attract potential clients with a story told by both your representatives and satisfied clients.

Unlike event-type videos, case study videos are narrative-driven. The best contain a full story arc, from the introduction of a problem your client faced down to the resolution you found together. Ideally, you won’t be focusing on your services or products directly. Rather, you’ll present an engaging true story of how your company led the charge in solving problems for clients.

The goal is to build brand credibility by presenting the human element of your business. A third party applauding your business practices inspires far more confidence, particularly with visual reinforcement. When prospective clients see and hear the success stories others have enjoyed thanks to a partnership with your business, they’re more engaged and more confident in your abilities than they would be if they were just reading testimonials.

Building a Narrative and Emotional Connections with Case Studies
While there’s always room to tell your story in your own way, there’s a tried and true four-part formula for great case study videos. While exploring a client’s background and unique story, it’s often wise to at least loosely follow this format:

  1. Help viewers familiarize themselves and begin to identify with the people behind your case study who will be presenting the situation in detail.
  2. Identify and explore a problem faced by the client and how it affected their own business.
  3. Showcase the solution presented by your company and how it was implemented.
  4. Provide a compelling and emotionally satisfying resolution for your viewers by detailing the positive outcome.

How can you detail this journey for viewers so that they see your company as a solution to their own problems? This is where strong partnerships come into play. We’re leading the charge in video content production for businesses at The Idea Studio, and we can help you develop a great story into an exceptional case study video. Get in touch to get the ball rolling on your own project today.