Video testimonials and their strong influence

video testimonial agency

Customer testimonials have always been a powerful tool for developing trust and confidence in a brand. In today’s competitive digital marketplace, testimonials are even more critical than ever. But what about the changing nature of testimonials? And why go with a video testimonial when it is so much easier to collect and post testimonials in text? Here are the reasons why video testimonials should be an ongoing part of your marketing strategy. A. The Trust Factor “If you read it...

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How to Produce a Great Business Video Campaign

video production planning business corporate

You're ready to turn your vision into a business video campaign, but where do you start? The planning and conceptualization phase of your project is as important as the shooting and editing process, so we take time to get to know as much as we can about our clients. Getting a strong start means taking the time to explore your goals, existing resources and the overall aim of your video project. Gathering Information About Your Corporate Video ProductionThe first things...

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Commercials and Video Production

Commercials have certainly changed over the years. Sure, they're still around and as important than ever. But the biggest change is where you see them. TV is still a top medium, but now you'll find commercials on your phone, laptop, desktop, augmented and virtual reality equipment, wristwatch, and any other device that has a screen and occupies your attention. They're all important now as a good media buy is targeted at how the viewers consume information and entertainment. Commercials can...

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UpCity – One of the Top Video Producers

We were recently advised by our UpCity rep that Impact Marketing was named one of the top video production providers. That's fantastic! We do great work for companies and agencies locally in Atlanta, nationally and internationally. Thanks UpCity! Please check out my UpCity listing here.

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Video Production for Products and Services

video products services business corporate

Video is an excellent medium for presenting your various products and services to the market. Showing them via activity, whether live or through visual effects, is simply more impactful than just the written word. That's because video is a heavyweight in terms of passing a lot of information. And the sales process can also be built into that. In fact, we recommend an alignment with the sales group in terms of sharing information and taking the viewer down a good...

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Video + Social Media

video social media

Let's face it, social media is an integral part of business today. While as many of us like to blame it for various ills, social media has made the world closer, at least in the sense of communication. And since it's not going away, most business leaders have accepted and welcome it as a way to reach and market to their customers. Videos are really ideal for this technology as a way for people to view anytime and anywhere using...

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Getting over fear of a video production

nervous video production shoot anxiety

PreparationYou've been assigned or you've decided to be filmed on video. At first, that's gotta feel great. But unless you're a trained actor or a seasoned presenter, there's a good chance you'll feel at least a bit of anxiety as the video production day approaches. That's true for first-timers or those that haven't been filmed for a while. Since you naturally want to appear relaxed, knowledgeable and even charismatic to your audience, it's a good idea to work on bringing...

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Creating a Great Case Study Video

video case study

The best-case studies, from a video marketing standpoint, attract potential clients with a story told by both your representatives and satisfied clients. Unlike event-type videos, case study videos are narrative-driven. The best contain a full story arc, from the introduction of a problem your client faced down to the resolution you found together. Ideally, you won't be focusing on your services or products directly. Rather, you'll present an engaging true story of how your company led the charge in solving...

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Video Inhouse vs Outsourcing

video production outsource

The data is in and it shows that corporate video use is increasing. What's interesting is that because of video production's somewhat isolated nature (some videos can be made without any face-to-face or face-to-camera activity), the pandemic might have actually increased the number of videos produced. As marketing teams staff back up and resources are engaged, we find that one of the early questions is whether to produce videos inhouse or engage with an outside vendor. It's a good question...

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“Shorts” videos

short social media videos

An important development of the intersection of video and social media has been the emergence of micro-content videos. We call them "Shorts", or "Shorts Series". These are the short, 15-20 second videos meant to capture the attention of social media users with one or two important pieces of information of the company. With so much content vying for attention on social media, these "Shorts" are a good way to stand out. Providing short branded content in the form of short...

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