How to Produce a Great Business Video Campaign

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You’re ready to turn your vision into a business video campaign, but where do you start? The planning and conceptualization phase of your project is as important as the shooting and editing process, so we take time to get to know as much as we can about our clients. Getting a strong start means taking the time to explore your goals, existing resources and the overall aim of your video project.

Gathering Information About Your Corporate Video Production
The first things we need to know are all about you and your business. What do you do, and what are you trying to present to potential viewers? What issues or concerns are you hoping to address? We want to know all about your objectives with the project, and what results you’re hoping to see from your corporate video production.

Once we’ve got a solid grasp of your company culture, aims and goals, it’s time to start focusing on the target audience. What kind of viewers are you hoping to attract with this video? How will the average viewer find your content, and what would you like them to take away from the experience? This is the time to consider the overall message you’d like to send, and why your message is important to viewers.

Once this information is shared and discussed, it’s time to start working on production details.

Making a Corporate Video: Production and the Finished Product
When we know what you want to communicate and your target audience, it’s time to get down to the production details. This includes everything from your budget to the shoot itself, the target runtimes of your video(s), any video footage or images that you may want to include and the format of the final product.

Have you outlined the content of your video, created a storyboard or written a script? We usually help our clients with these, but every so often a client wants to be more involved, which is great. We work collaboratively anyway by getting your opinion and approval throughout the project. This includes everything from pre-production through post. And we can also provide publication of the final product on your website, social media accounts and other platforms if you don’t plan to do so yourself.

Together, we can create corporate videos tailored to the needs and overall goals of your unique project. The planning and conceptualization phases allow us to give you a more accurate quote while building production and filming timelines. If you’re ready to get the ball rolling on great corporate video production, contact us today.