Marketing and writing

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There’s really no getting around it. The truth is that people rarely buy anything today without having read something about it. And the digital world in which we find ourselves has only enhanced this reality. Whether it’s for videos, websites, landing pages, ads, product packaging…people like to learn more about what you offer in their own way and time, and there’s no better way than through the written word. This is why finding and hiring people who can write is important.

When I communicate this to a client, I tend to get one of two responses… either that they don’t like to write or that they don’t have time. Both are reasonable. However, it’s still important for the management team to be involved in shaping the communication with the outside world. So even if they’re not doing all the writing, the right tone and messages are being sent.

The benefits of the written word are numerous. In addition to validating the sale in buyers’ minds, writing creates ideas. It’s rarely the other way around. There are many times that, other than the general topic, I’m not sure what I’m going to write. But once I start, ideas develop. And these ideas help shape how a campaign is put together and executed.