You’ve designed a good marketing roadmap. Don’t skimp on the vehicle. Videos by Twiin Media.

It’s not easy finding a film company that can produce video that’s a reflection of your organization. With the digital transformation that continues to go on, it’s more important than ever to be able to tell your story in an impactful and timely way, using a proven technology.

Twiin Media has a history of creating new video content for corporate customers, and the value behind them through marketing and metrics. We bring a film background and corporate approach to the table that includes:

  • Equipment and technology – we have the latest in video/audio equipment and software for any use.
  • Experience – we’ve been the video content producers for companies big and small as well as nonprofits.
  • Packages – based on our experience, we’ve developed packages to fit your needs
    and budget.
  • Integration – we work well with existing marketing teams and roadmaps.
  • Metrics – marketing departments today have to justify their marketing spend. This is why we also offer marketing and metric services with the finished videos.
  • Ideas – not sure what types of video presentations you want or need? No problem, we have a lot of ideas.

We offer your organization the opportunity to tell your story correctly and consistently (with input from all departments including marketing and sales). And video content is also favored by search engines and other highly trafficked sites. There’s really no better medium for growth and enhanced branding.

Our comprehensive collaboration includes-

  1. Initial meeting
  2. Research and creative
  3. Pre-production
  4. Production / filming
  5. Post-production / editing
  6. Revisions and delivery
  7. Marketing

We look forward to talking with you about your upcoming project. Twiin Media will be your best video reflection – through storytelling and the metrics to back them up.

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